Minnesota State Fair Memories

A farmer and blogger who I follow on Twitter and Facebook posted some of her Fair memories last week.  Her post inspired me to jot down a few of my own MN State Fair memories.  BTW - the Fair begins today!

Here goes.

I haven't missed many MN State Fairs since I was a kid and I have some many great memories.  The food is always awesome every single year.  One year we got a bunch of free food from vendors that were closing at the same time as we were leaving!

The people watching there is always worth the price of admission.  Each year I go I run into friends I know from all different places in life.  I love collecting the free junk in the education building, sitting on the tractors at Machinery Hill, and walking through the animal barns.  Some random memories include...

- getting stung in the eye lid by a bee while I was enjoying my all you can drink milk
- being kicked off the grounds one year when my cousin was caught underage drinking in a parking lot (sorry Mom and Dad!)
- representing Bethel University at a booth for 6 straight nights, handing out rulers and backpacks
- having my face painted camouflage by the National Guard guys
- staying up late watching the talent show
- my kids doing the little farmer thing
- riding the big yellow slide, as a kid and now with my kids
- birthing barn
- walking the fair grounds with my friend and pastor (and his family)
- still getting spooked walking by the haunted house
- seeing Andrew hit a homer at the Twins whiffle ball field on his first at bat (as a 6 year old)

The most memorable time at the fair, however, was the Fair from 2003.  After walking the fair grounds all day my very pregnant wife gave birth to my son Andrew the very next day!

I'd love to read about some of your favorite fair memories.