Pornography and Parenting

At the beginning of the summer Stephanie and I began to notice some things in the history of our Netflix and YouTube accounts that concerned us.  Some the videos the kids were watching were inappropriate and could be very damaging to their young minds.  Despite the fact that we have some sexual filters in place we were afraid that the kids had/were about to watch movies and videos that would expose them to pornography and other sexually persuasive images.  Stephanie and I talked about what we should do, and we put a plan in place.

Pornography is a major issue in the world right now.  It is mostly free, can be easily consumed in secret, and readily accessible to just about anyone.  Gone are the days when seeking and viewing pornography was considered gross and perverse; behaviors and images that were once taboo are now a regular part of television and video music award shows.  We're a long way from the days of I Love Lucy and husbands and wives sleeping in separate beds, nowadays everyone sleeps in a bed with whoever they want.

If you are a single person you may only need to deal with your own temptations and exposure to sexually illicit things.  If you are a parent you must not only consider you own sexual purity, but also the purity of your children.  Do you have a plan?

Here's some questions to consider:

- Are you walking in sexual purity yourself?  What kind of an example are you setting with what you watch and look at?
- What kind of safeguards do you have in place for your computer, iPad, smart phone, and television?  Some programs I'd recommend are Covenant Eyes and X3 Watch. Google and other search engines have filters that you can set and password lock also.
- Are you prepared to have open, honest, grace-filled, gospel based conversations with your kids about sex, the Bible, God's ideals and other things like those?  Are you having them when you kids are 5, 6, 7,  and up to 21?  Speak age appropriately but be proactive.  You can't wait for them to come to you.
- Do you have limits on what your kids can watch at other people's homes?  Do your kids know and respect those limits?
- Do you have expectations and rules about your kids friends and who your kids are spending time with?
- How are you monitoring what your kids are watching?  Time limits?  Location limits?  Certain sites restricted?
- Are you praying often, unceasingly for the protection of God over your children?

Those are a few of the things we have done, and you can do, to help prepare your children for the battle of sexual purity.  It is not easy, and it is not a one time thing.  We must be actively engaging our kids often if we are to help them make it through the barrage of sexual perversion that is thrown at them by the world.

What if you find they have already viewed pornography?

This is a helpful article on what to do if your child is looking at pornography.