Sometimes You Have to Engage the Tough Conversations

Yesterday I had a pretty difficult morning at work.  I had to have four very intense conversations with people holding them accountable for their actions.  No one had a lot of fun in my office during those conversations.

I'm not a big conflict guy.  I don't like that feeling of blood rushing to my face and my arms getting all tingly and sweaty! The reality is that having tough conversations is part of the job.  Like my wife said, "Leadership is hard sometimes."  Amen baby.

It sort of blows my mind how immature people can be.  You'd think that working with adults would feel different than being in high school but somedays it really isn't.  The gossip, the complaining, the corner cutting, the lack of responsibility are all still there.  I don't know some days if I'm running a retail store or a day care center.

Not everyone is like an adult sized toddler.  There are some really great people out there who show up, on time, work hard, smile a lot, and go home feeling proud of a job well done.  Those people are like precious gold specks in a prospectors pan full of rocks.  They are the ones you invest in, build up and eventually hand over responsibility to.  These are the ones who make work fun.

My wife was so right.  Leadership is hard.  You have to embrace it though.  You have to have the hard conversations if you want to move forward.  No one benefits when the infant adults get to be the ones running over everyone else.  Good leadership means 'manning' up even when it is uncomfortable to speak truth and hold people accountable.

Christians should also have those hard conversations with one another.  When we see a brother or sister in sin we should lovingly confront them on it.  It isn't just pastors who are supposed to tell a husband to stop being an idiot and love his wife sacrificially.  That is what his community of brothers is for.  Just like a woman should have a tough conversation with a sister who is caught up in some kind of immaturity or sin.  Being a Christian brother or sister is just has hard sometimes as being in leadership.