8 Simple Ways to Live Missionally

Do you care about the people around you who are far from God?  Are you looking for easy ways to engage your friends and your city with the Gospel?  Here are 8 of them (taken from an article written by Jonathon Dodson).

1. Eat with Non-Christians.
2. Walk, Don’t Drive.
3. Be a Regular.
4. Hobby with Non-Christians.
5. Talk to Your Co-workers.
6. Volunteer with Non-Profits.
7. Participate in City Events.
8. Serve your Neighbors. 

There are some great ideas in this article of simple things Christians can do to connect with non-believers in ways that are winsome, non-intimidating, friendly and part of your daily routines.  

I'm not close to where I want to be as a witness for Jesus but I have tried to utilize many of these behaviors myself.  My goal is to continue to do so, living in such a way that my regular routines will give me the opportunity share Christ with others.