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My BIG News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On September 1st I started a rotation at work managing the overnight stocking crew at the Lakeville, MN Walmart.  This position came on the heels of a tumultuous month of August in which my Store Manager left, an interim Manager came (and left), a new Store Manager came, an Assistant Manager was transferred to another store, we did a total store inventory, I lead a fresh food inventory, and everyone's stress level was at the max after working about 72 hours in one week.  Needless to say, I was doing some praying about my future with the company.

Somewhere in the mix of all that craziness I was invited to preach at a church in Roseville.  Since my parents were in town at the time, we worked it out so that my family, my brothers and my parents could all have lunch together.  Over the course of lunch I mentioned my situation to my Dad and said to him that maybe I should consider becoming a trucker like he was.  I think that comment got the wheels turning in his head.

About two weeks ago I was headed up to the MN Twins game with my sons.  While we were driving my Dad called and told me that he had placed a call on my behalf to his former employer (he's been retired for a couple years now) inquiring about any positions they might have open in the office.  Then he said he possibly had some good news for me.  The woman who runs the office told him that she was looking to hire for a position recently vacated and that she'd love to speak with me about it.  My Dad said I should call right away, so I told the boys to be quiet as dead people and I called the company.

After a great conversation we set up a meeting for a week later.  I didn't have many details but it seemed like God was in this thing so for the next week I prayed and prepared for the face-to-face meeting.  The following Monday I shaved my beard, picked up my freshly dry cleaned shirt and drove to Woodbury nervous but excited for what might be in store for me there.  

I was kindly ushered into a conference room with the woman I spoke to on the phone and the owner of the company.  After brief introductions I discovered that the company owner had been in the grocery/retail business before he started the trucking company and it was quickly clear he knew exactly what my background entailed and the skills I possessed.  As the interview progressed I discovered that both people I was interviewing with attended a great church in the area and we all agreed that it was much more than happenstance that I was in that room.  

What are the odds that my Dad would make a call to the company right when they had an opening?  And that the owner of the company would have a background exactly like mine?  And that they would have the same faith foundation as me?  And that I would be ready to make a career change?

I was offered the position that day and I drove home to pray about it and discuss it with Stephanie.  It was pretty obvious that this was where God was leading us, but I didn't want to be rash.  After thinking it through for the day and sleeping on it, I called the company back the next day and told them I was excited about the new opportunity and would like to take the position.

So, starting tomorrow, I will begin training to be a Float Dispatcher/Fleet Manager with Autumn Transport, Inc.  

I am grateful to Jesus for leading me in this new adventure and I can't wait to begin learning my new role!  This will be the first time in 11 years of marriage that I am working a day job, Monday-Friday, and so Stephanie and I are looking forward to experiencing family life in a little more routine and structured way.  Some other things I'm looking forward to are: tucking the kids into bed each night, enjoying the holidays with family and friends, coaching kids sports, attending Stephanie's basketball games, not having to miss school events, regularly attending church, and having the weekends off!

Thank Yous
I want to say thank you to the many people who have been a part of my journey.  I have had many friends praying for patience, wisdom, guidance, and God's provision in my life.  You have all played an invaluable role in this process.  Thank you so much!  I also want to say a special thank you to my parents and my siblings who I know have put in extra duty seeking God on my behalf.

Dad, thank you so much for your prayer and your support.  You have been a model of integrity and character for me.  It is because of the person you are that Autumn Transport, Inc was willing to talk to me.  You laid the foundation there with a work ethic and a personal discipline that were exemplary.  I will do my best to add even more credibility to the Balvin name.

Stephanie, thank you for walking this crazy journey with me.  I know it is difficult being married to a Bohemian and you show the world what an amazing woman you are by the way you love and support me.  I'm grateful to God for you and I am filled with enthusiasm for the next chapter in our lives.  You're an amazing partner and I love you!

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