10 Things to Consider Regarding Building a Godly Legacy

As followers of Jesus Christ our primary goal should be to leave a legacy that brings glory and honor to the name of Jesus. And they way that we create that sort of a legacy is by doing our very best, by the grace of God and with the help of his Holy Spirit, to live each day in obedience to His Word and to represent who Christ in everything we do.

Here are 10 things to consider in light of that charge.

1. Treasuring your relationship with Jesus

2. Developing a routine of family worship

3. Committing to a family of faith (church body)

4. Prioritizing your time

5. Assessing how you spend your cash

6. Living a life of service

7. Loving the unlovely

8. Weeding sin from the garden of your soul

9. Pursuing your God given passions

10. Remaining faithful to His calling