Note from the Tooth Fairy

Last night during the Red Sox game my son Andrew lost a tooth.  We were at a friend's house when it happened so we put the tooth in a baggie.  When we got home we left the baggie under Andrew's pillow.

Well, because he was exhausted from work and distracted with the World Series, the Tooth Fairy (aka Brenton) forgot to put a dollar under the pillow.  In the words of Scooby Doo, "Ruh-Roh!"  Needless to say, Andrew woke up very upset and sad about the situation.

Thankfully I am married to the most genius woman.  She had a boy in her 6th grade classroom write this note and give it to Andrew during the school day.  Andrew totally bought in and so the baggie with the tooth is back under his pillow tonight.  I...I mean...the Tooth Fairy, can not forget again!

In fact, I better go take care of this right now.