Patience in the Preparation of God for a Peculiar Work in Your Life

The following quote is one of the best descriptions I've ever read of being prepared and shaped by God.

So much of what we think is pressed against us now is for our good in some future work the Lord would like to do through us.  Do not despise the working of Christ when it does not align with your preferential now, but trust in good faith of His plans and future blessings.
During these ten months the Lord had done much for him, but it was chiefly in the way of discipline for a future ministry. He had been taught a minister's heart; he had been tried in the furnace; he had tasted deep personal sorrow, little of which has been recorded; he had felt the fiery darts of temptation; he had been exercised in self-examination and in much prayer; he had proved how flinty is the rock, and had learned that in lifting the rod by which it was to be smitten, success lay in Him alone who enabled him to lift it up. And thus prepared of God for the peculiar work that awaited him, he had turned his face towards Dundee, and took up his abode in the spot where the Lord was so marvelously to visit him in his ministry.
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