The Importance of Family Worship in Building a Legacy of Faith

I had a great time giving the sermon today at my church in Northfield.  I really felt like God had a word for many people in the congregation, and it was pretty cool to play a part in that.  There was one story about building a legacy of faith in the home that I didn't share during the sermon.  It is so important that families worship together in their home.  This story from Charles Spurgeon illustrates that.
The great Bible commentator Matthew Henry’s father was a man named Philip Henry. Philip was a pastor and he regularly had family worship services in his home.  In his family worship time Philip Henry led his wife and children through a study of the whole Bible, and he accompanied his teaching with times of song and prayer.  It is said that Philip Henry sang with his family because he wanted the songs of praise from his home to be a “distinct confession that the family loved and worshipped God.”

It is from the notes that Matthew Henry took during his father’s home worship meetings that his commentaries would later be written.  Those commentaries have since been used by hundreds and thousands of preachers to teach and extol and lead their people to a greater love of Jesus.  Spurgeon ends his story with this amazing statement, “That family of Mr. Henry, to which I have referred, was so well ordered that, very often, visitors to the house, who were uncoverted when they went there, were converted during their visit.”
Now that is a legacy of faith!

You can download and listen to my sermon on the CANVAS Church website.