Does God Control Everything?

Lots of folks wrestle with the idea of God being sovereign (in control) of all things.  Of course most people want Him to be in control just enough to heal us when we're sick, help us when stuck, or send us a few bucks when we're broke.  But people don't want to think God is in control when someone dies, when wrongs are done, or when wars break out.

In high school I was a free will guy, thinking God worked with me on my choices and my decisions.  In college I drifted into a small minority group of theologians who argued that God knows all possibilities but doesn't ultimately control them.

Then, upon graduating college and getting some ministry and life experience under my belt I have spent the last six years resting and relieving myself in the idea of God's complete sovereignty.

Today I started reading Does God Control Everything? so that I can be better prepared to help people understand this glorious Biblical doctrine and truth.  As what a friend describes as the "resident Calvinist" in her life, I want to be able to lovingly and intelligently communicate what I have found to be so strengthening and encouraging.  I believe the overwhelming majority of the Scriptures point to this idea and as a teacher of God's Word I want to know how to best teach it to others.

Speaking of this.  I had an idea come to mind that I think helps illustrate God's sovereignty and our free will.  The illustration is this.  I was driving my car and my son wanted to drive.  My son is only seven years old and he is not able to drive without sitting on my lap.  So when we were close to home I invited him to come up front, sit on my lap and 'drive' the car.  He put his hands on the steering wheel, made car noises and delighted in the idea that he was driving.  And in a sense he was driving.  However, as his father, I was the one ultimately driving the car.  We went the speed I wanted to go and we went to the place I wanted to go.  My hands where on the wheel alongside his, and in my sovereignty, directed the car to its final destination.

I view my walk with Jesus like this.  He puts me in a situation to make decisions and take action in my life.  I feel that I am in control.  I am responsible for what I do.
Ultimately, however, it is Jesus' hands on the wheel in my life.

He will bring me to what he wants and what is best for me - because they are the same, whether I can see it, or will concede it, or not.