Expository Preaching is the Means to Life Transformation

I feel like my eyes are being opened and exposed to all kinds of penetrating words about the importance of teaching God's Word with clarity, passion and reliance upon the Spirit to illuminate the Word.  I've been convicted about my use of comedy, story and other 'speaking tactics' instead of simply declaring the truth of God's Word and the power of the cross.

This article is an example of some of this.
My most persuasive arguments, my most passionate pleas, and my earnest articulation is powerless to change the human heart. My words cannot heal the soul or help the weary, and they certainly cannot raise the spiritually dead to new life. Yet, I believe expository preaching is the means the Holy Spirit uses to accomplish such impossible work. 
Preaching is not the mere telling of stories, the sharing of experiences, or urging people to action. It is a heralding of God and the good news given in his holy word. It alone has the power needed to do what true preaching aims at—renewing the heart to beat with love for God. 
Motivational speeches and spiritual pep-talks can make people feel something, but not become something. God has always created, and recreated, by the power of his word. 
Unless preachers are giving the people of God the word God they will not experience the work of God.
I working hard to pray through this and to clarify my thoughts.  I have been stirred quite a bit in recent months regarding my philosophy of preaching, and in developing a deep conviction that it is the Holy Spirit and the power of the cross that transforms people hearts....not my whit, my anecdotes, or my outfit.