Let the Madness Begin!

The madness has now officially begun!

What does that mean.  Let me tell you.

Yesterday was the first day of the Northfield High School Girls' basketball season.  That might not seem like that big of a deal, unless your wife is one of the coaches.  Then it means madness!  Starting yesterday Stephanie will now be busy most days from 3-6pm, until the middle of March.  Alone that would be fairly manageable, but when you throw into the pot my new job, Jacob's basketball, Izzy's basketball, Andrew's wrestling, Jacob and Izzy's piano lessons, Izzy's Bible study group, Stephanie's Bible study group, and my weekend preaching engagements it all makes for a pretty crazy stew.

Thankfully we have some great friends, family and selfless people helping us to make it all work. 

God has been faithful in helping us find responsible, Christians with driver's licenses to watch the kids after school.  I have been able to make some changes at work that will help me get home a little earlier.  And the coaching staff at the high school understands that there will be times when being a mom comes before being a coach.

So, if you don't see the Balvins around as much....if we don't respond to your emails and texts quickly...if the blogging on this site suffers a little...please be graceful.  We love you!  We're just probably not at home.   

And if we are, we're likely exhausted and passed out on the coach in our gym shorts!

Also, would you please pray for us?

Here's some specific requests:

- safety for everyone as they travel to and fro
- obedience and respect shown to care givers
- good restful night sleep each night
- healthy bodies and NO sickness
- enjoyment of the family time we have together
- support for mom as she coaches
- positive attitudes in the face of challenges
- peace of mind for mom while she is away
- patience for dad when he is at home
- ability to enjoy watching the kids activities
- sanity for people watching the kids