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Book Review: Fight by Craig Groeschel

A few weeks ago I joined some other men from my faith family (and a couple other local churches) to watch a simulcast teaching from Pastor Craig Groeschel.  The teaching was based on his new book called Fight: Wining the Battles that Matter Most.

Fight is a book for men based on the story of Sampson (read Sampson's story in Judges 13-16), and the simulcast was funny, challenging, inspiring, and convicting.  We separated into small groups after the teaching and discussed our key takeaways.  Then we prayed for one another.  It was a great morning with other men who love Jesus and want to give their lives for His glory.

This a just a sampling of the two pages of notes I took.

-  Sin is like a sneeze, it feels good coming out but then there is snot all over.
-  More dangerous than a major blow-up is ruining your life one step at a time.
-  We taunt the enemy (Satan) by making compromising choices and putting ourselves in vulnerable situations.
-  Any man can give himself one time, but a truly strong man makes the decision to give up his life daily.
-  Failure is an event, not A PERSON!
-  God says, "If you aren't dead then you aren't done."

Even though I heard the teaching, I bought the book and read through it last weekend.  It is a very easy book to read filled with humorous stories and great illustrations (written, not drawn) that drive home Groeschel's main points.  I have read the story of Sampson many times but reading Fight reminded me of how tragic the story of Sampson really is.

Sampson was a man with so much potential for God.  Sadly he threw it all away for a handful of momentary, temporal pleasures.  In so many ways Sampson is a representative, and a warning, for men in the church today.  I underlined way too many things in the book to include them all here but I will share a few of the more poignant ones.

-  The virtue of strength is determined by how it is used.
-  God has given you the heart of a are called to fight for righteousness.
-  Satan makes strong men weak, but God makes weak men strong.
-  Don't just fight like a man, fight like a man of God.
-  Have you noticed that being in the wrong place never helps you do the right thing?
-  Sampson ruined his life one step at a time.
-  You are only as strong as you are honest.
-  Christianity is not a playground.  Christianity is a battlefield.

If you want to learn more about fighting for what matters most you can email me and borrow my Fight book.  Or you can buy one for yourself here.

You can also watch Pastor Craig preach on the book and subject.

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