Don't Delay, Take Action Right Away

When it started snowing a few weeks ago I didn't take the initiative to go and shovel my driveway.  I was busy with something more important (i.e. reading, eating, sleeping, etc) and so instead of clearing the snow away I let it accumulate and freeze.  My wife and I both drove on it and what at first was light and easily removed, now became packed down and frozen into ice.  I have since spent the last week chipping it away and trying to make the driveway safe again.

It strikes me that men and women have many problems in their lives because they don't take the initiative to shovel sin out of their hearts immediately.  It might be because they feel too busy to deal with matters of the heart.  It might be because they are embarrassed.  It might be because they don't want to acknowledge and recognize sin as sin.  No matter what your reasons are, ignoring sin and not dealing with it quickly is a bad idea.

Sin has a way of building up and thickening just like ice and snow on a driveway.  At the very beginning sin is quickly removed through acknowledgment, confession, and repentance.  However, over time, the heart becomes hardened, choices become habits, and actions become addictions.  And once sin settles into the heart it is very difficult to remove.  That is why it is so critical to deal with sin quickly.  Don't minimize, ignore or justify sinful thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and actions.  Deal with them right away.  Let God's Word melt them from your soul.  Ask for forgiveness from others, and trust in the grace of God which "though our sins are like scarlet makes them white as snow."

This is Pt 4 of my blog series "Lessons from an Icy Driveway."

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