Don't Feel Obligated to Read This

I don't care much for obligations.  You might say this is because I am a selfish person.   But will anyone agree with me that some of the obligations society throws at us are ridiculous?  Here are a few obligations that bug me.

1.  You sent me a Christmas card so I have to send you one. 
Come on, can't I send a card to whoever I want.  And if I don't send one to you, it doesn't mean we can't be bff, maybe I only wanted to pay for fifty cards and I have a big family!  I still love you people, I just didn't have the time or desire to look up addresses and mail out cards for the 500 people who have sent me a card in the past.  And Pastor Jeff - I will not be offended if I see your card at someone else's house.  I understand.

2.  When I host a birthday party ever kid needs a gift bag to bring home.
As if the cost (financial and emotional) of hosting a kid's birthday party isn't enough, now there is the obligation of giving all the kids treat bags to bring home.  These bags are usually filled with candy, little toys, and other junk that no parent even wants in their house.  Friends, my kid wants to give your kid a gift because it is THEIR birthday being celebrated.  We don't need anything in return.

3.  Clicking "Like" on Facebook.
If you feel like you need to "Like" someone's kitten picture on Facebook just because they liked your status update about your daughter's Christmas musical, then you need a break from social media.  I'll let you off the hook.  You don't have to "Like" this post, or anything else I write if you don't want to.  Off course feel free to click away if you do.

I'd love to hear some of the obligations you feel that bug you.  Chances are I will agree with you.