Great Article: How Celebrity, Consumerism and Competition Are Killing the Church

These are stinging words to the way a large number of people are doing church right now in America.
We do as best we can to provide as comfortable an experience as humanly possible, using every means at our disposal to attract them in (and then keep them in). So we tailor what we do around their wants and desires. That’s Marketing 101, right? The problem is at the end of the day, the only thing that Jesus is counting is disciples. That’s it. 
[Jesus] doesn’t seem to care too much about converts, attendance, budgets or buildings. It’s about disciples. 
And, by nature, disciples are producers, not consumers. 
Yet most of our churches are built around feeding consumers. I’d argue 90% of the church’s time, energy and resources are linked to this. But the issue is this: 
The means you use to attract people to you are usually the means you must use to keep them. 
In other words, if you use consumerism to attract them to your church, it often means you must continue using it to keep them or else they will find another church who will meet their “needs.” And yet, that consumer mentality is antithetical to the Gospel and to the call of Discipleship. 
Disciples aren’t consumers, they are producers. Jesus cared about disciples more than anything else.

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