Happy 9th Birthday Isabelle!

Today we celebrated Isabelle's 9th birthday!  She was the first one up and she reminded each person as soon as they came downstairs that today was her special day.  Stephanie and I worked hard to make Izzy feel treasured today.  She has a tough spot as the artisic middle child between two athletic brothers and I know she feels like she doesn't get as much attention as the others.  I'm not sure that is true, but for at least today we made certain that Izzy was loved and celebrated in every way.

Isabelle is such an amazing young lady.  She is smart, artistic, musical, responsible, serious, intense, hard-working, and loving.  She loves to sing, dance, draw, journal, and help others out.  Isabelle is wonderful with younger kids and will make a great baby-sitter someday.  She is helpful at school and church and often volunteers to get tasks accomplished or keep order in the classroom.  Teachers love her because she works so hard to be responsible and prove that she is up to any task you give her.  Isabelle takes great pride in being able to get things done before others, to prove you wrong and to impress you with her comprehension and abilities.

Isabelle is beautiful just like her mother.  I can't believe how grown-up she looks and acts.  It gets to be more and more everyday and I'm afraid that I'm going to blink and suddenly I'll be walking my little princess down the aisle.  I am thankful to the Lord Jesus that he entrusted me with such a precious little girl!

I took her to dinner tonight and asked her a few questions.  Here's what she said.

Favorite color:  Purple and blue.
Favorite drink:  Coca Cola.
Favorite singer:  Taylor Swift.
Favorite candy:  Starburst.
Favorite meal:  Steak and mashed potatoes.
Favorite dessert:  Pink lemonade pie.
Favorite thing to do with Mom:  Shopping.
Favorite thing to do with Dad:  YMCA Daddy/Daughter Dance.
Favorite animal:  Bunny.
Favorite Bible story:  Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.
Favorite bok:  Dork Diaries.
Favorite TV Show:  Duck Dynasty.
Favorite movie:  Teen Beach movie.
Favorite school subject:  Math.
Favorite number:  22.

Happy birthday to my little Princess!