Looking for a Weak Spot to Drive Into

I have developed a technique for chipping away the ice build up on my driveway.  I take my steel plated shovel and I drive it into an ice chunk.  If nothing happens I adjust my angle of attack and drive it in again.  If I continue doing this, drive-adjust-drive, eventually I find a weak spot and I'm able to break up a large chunk of ice.

This is the same way the Devil works when he attacks us.  If he first attempt to get us is thwarted, he will adjust his angle and attack from a different direction.  If that fails, he doesn't quit.  Rather, he readjusts and tries to stick us again.  A perfect example of this in action is Satan's repeated testing of Jesus in Luke 4.  As followers of Jesus we need to recognize this enemy tactic and be prepared for it.  

We have to know what our weak points are, and do everything we can to firm them up, so we are not susceptible to Satan's schemes.

The Bible says that our Enemy roams around like a lion looking for something to devour.  He might also be described as a steel plated snow shovel looking for a weak point to drive into.  Satan wants to destroy our lives and ruin our relationship with Jesus.  Therefore, we must be vigilant in protecting ourselves and ensuring that we are strong enough to withstand his attacks.

This is Pt 2 of my blog series "Lessons from an Icy Driveway."

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