Mind Dump

-  We have an office Pig-Out day tomorrow with appetizers and snacks in the break room all day.  #theregoesmywaistline
-  Had a great night yesterday with some good friends talking theology, ministry, parenting, and life at a local coffee shop.
-  Basketball season is underway.  I'm excited to watch Stephanie coach and the Northfield girls play.
-  Having my best fantasy football season ever.  Too bad I'm not in a money league.
-  I have had the chance to preach 5 of the last 6 weeks, and this Sunday I'm speaking at Main Street Moravian Church in Northfield.  I'd love to have you come!
-  Sunday was Isabelle's 9th birthday.  She is so amazing and beautiful.
-  It drives me crazy how terrible people drive when it begins to snow.
-  I hate it when it is raining just enough that you need the windshield wipers, but not enough to keep the wipers on all the time.
-  TV really is better on a flat screen that gets HD channels.  #BlackFridaySpecial
-  Been pondering the plus and minus of expository v topical preaching styles.
-  What should I have on my Christmas list this year?
-  I hung Christmas lights on the gutter above my front porch for the first time ever.  #HandyManBrenton
-  My friend Tory has been such an fabulous child care giver.  I am blessed by his friendship.
-  Dang the Seattle Seahawks look good, don't they?
-  Jacoby Ellsbury signing with the Yankees is absolutely tragic.
-  I could eat pumpkin pie with Cool Whip every single day and be totally ok with it.