The Undeniable Ripple Effect of our Choices and Actions

It is amazing to think about the effect one small thing choice or action can have on so many other things.  I work in the logistics industry as a Fleet Manager for the liquid tank division of a trucking company.  Countless times I have seen how this works.  I may have a driver who, by fault of his own or an outside circumstance, doesn't get where he needs to be on time.  Sometimes it is because of the weather or a truck breakdown.  Other times it is because the guy is lazy or feeling sick.  Whatever the reason, when a guy isn't on time, it has a ripple effect on his entire work week, and it can mess up the week of other drivers also.  Plus it creates all kinds of head aches in the office.

It is easy to think we live isolated lives.  We tend to think that what we do only affects us.  Popular culture says, "If no one get's hurt, then what does it matter."  Fact is, just because we don't always see the results of our actions immediately, it doesn't mean there are no consequences.  Play this out in the home.  I am not isolated from my wife and kids.  My attitude, my choices, my sins, all these things create a chain of events that swallows up the lives of the people I love.  This is also true in the church.  Christians do not live completely separate from one another.  Our lives are meant to have influence. 

Think about this positively.  You can bring goodness to the world.  You can impact people by being positive, joyful, encouraging, and life-giving.  When you choose to be generous and up-lifting and servant-hearted you start a chain of positive effects.  When you smile at your kids and compliment your wife they have a better day.  Remember, each small choice or action can have a big influence on something that you can't currently see.  Life well, and live wise.