Why Pastors Should Wait A Few Years/Decades Before Writing Books

I have said many times before that I would like to be writer.  It is part of the reason I blog.  I believe communicating by the written word will be an important piece of my ministry communicating God's Word.

One thing that has been bugging me for the last few years is that there is sort of a trend with mega church pastors putting out books as a part of their ministries.  It seems to me many of these books are simply sermon manuscripts rehashed and slapped together in-between a hard cover.  They lack the depth of insight and thought which is found in more classical works.  And still Christians are buying up these insight-lite books by the millions.

Pastor Tim Keller has been a minister for many years and has just recently begun to write.  In this blog post he reveals his reasons for waiting so long before entering the writing world.  A couple of his reasons, which are outstanding, are as follows.

1.  Young ministers are still growing in their understanding of God's Word and developing their own convictions.  They might change their mind on things over time.
2.  Writing takes time away from preaching and person-to-peron pastoring, which means you're writing is immature and unproven.  It also means you may not be spending enough time shepherding your flock.
3.  Writing goes faster when you're older because you've read more broadly, your ministry is more proven, you have less distractions in the home, and you have more experience to draw from.