You Have to Use the Right Tools for the Job

On Saturday I went to Menard's and bought a new shovel to deal with the ice and snow build-up on my driveway.  I have a regular snow shovel, but I needed a shovel with a steel plate on the bottom to break through the snow and ice that have been packed down by cars driving up and down the driveway.  I had been trying to use the regular snow shovel but I was exhausting myself and making very little progress. Now, since I have the new steel plated shovel, I am getting much more done with much less effort.

Getting the snow and ice cleared was a matter of having the right tool for the job.  

This concept is true in our spiritual lives as well.  All the self-help books in the world aren't enough for dealing with issues of the soul.  There might be some good ideas and concepts out there, but seeking wholeness in them is like trying to use a regular snow shovel to clear ice off the driveway.  It will take you much more time and effort if you don't use the right tools for the job.

There are a multitude of tools that God has given his people so that they can experience the joy-filled life he desires for them.  

Traditionally these tools are called spiritual disciplines or spiritual practices.  Some of the spiritual disciplines include…

1.  Bible reading and study
2.  Prayer
3.  Confession of sin
4.  Service in the church
5.  Celebration of God's blessings
6.  Mediation on Scripture
7.  Period of silence and solitude
8.  Fasting
9.  Consistent church attendance
10.  Music and praise

This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are many tools people use for connecting with God.  The key is to make sure that the tools you use are found in God's Word.  This is the singular source for finding out everything we need to know about God and what he desires for His people.

This is Pt 1 of my blog series "Lessons from an Icy Driveway."  More to come in the next few days.