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Andrew and the Jesse James Gang take 2nd place at Bloomington Wrestling Tournament

Last weekend Andrew wrestled in a tournament in Bloomington and his Northfield club team got second place!  Andrew did a great job going 1-1 in his matches.

Oh Snap!

A church that can’t worship must be entertained; and people who can’t lead a church to worship must provide entertainment.

~ A. W. Tozer

Is Being Famous a Key Element to Being Happy?

This is an amazingly accurate description of the way many people think.  In his Huffington Post article, “Our Insatiable Desire for Fame” Mike Robbins writes,
While most of us assume we wouldn't go to the same lengths [omit] people [do] in order to get attention and [while] not all of us have a secret fantasy to be the star of our own reality TV show, there does seem to be a collective belief in our culture that becoming famous and well-known is an important goal and a key element to being successful and fulfilled in life. No matter how many big examples we've seen over the years to the contrary, many of us still get caught up in the elusive and ego-driven chase of fame. And, even though some of us have no specific desire to be "famous," most of us think that if we had that (more money, greater influence, better body, perfect relationship, enhance ability, more exposure, etc.) then we'd be happy or feel like we'd made it. When I look at this issue for myself…

12 Signs You're Ambition is Selfish and Not Godly

I am writing some thoughts about selfish ambition for a sermon I'm giving soon, and in my study I came across this great list by Carey Nieuwhof.

1.  Your personal sense of worth goes up and down with the opportunities ahead of you. When your ambition is godly, your value is solidly found in Christ every day.

2.  Failure is terrifying. When your ambition is godly, failure becomes an opportunity for grace and growth.

3.  You think you’re the deal. When your ambition is godly, you know that He’s the deal.

4.  You use people to get you where you want to go. When your ambition is godly, you value people as you go.

5.  You take the credit. When your ambition is godly, you realize how much God and the people around you deserve the credit.

6.  You strive for breadth of exposure. When your ambition is godly, you focus on depth in your walk and let God determine the breadth of exposure he gives you.

7.  You are always thinking about the next thing. When your ambition is godly, you’re alwa…

I Am 34 Today, Happy Birthday To Me!

I love my birthday and I had a fantastic 34th one today.

Usually my birthday doesn't go that great.  Part of this is my fault.  I build it up for 364 days until my expectations (mostly unspoken) are never matched, despite the best efforts of people around me.  That ever happen to you?  Here's some free advice ----> unspoken expectations are often unmet, and the only person to blame for this is yourself.  Anyway, I should keep moving.

Today's great day started with a great New Year's Eve.  We spent the evening and watched the ball drop with some good local friends.  Then I took today pretty easy and instead of expecting a whole lot, I simply enjoyed time with my family.  I had a laid back morning with reading and coffee, I went sledding with the kids, we all played some card games, and then we ate pizza and watched a movie.  It was a very calm, very enjoyable day.  Adding to the specialness of the day and making it even more fun were all the phone calls and good wis…

The Problem with Calvinists

Good reminder.
The problem with Calvinists is that they go full steam into arguments with others over the sovereignty of God because they think God's glory is at stake.  But arguing over this actually defeats the very belief that God is the one who sovereignly changes hearts and the will.  By arguing, you prove you don't really believe the things you claim to believe.

- Joel Brooks, quoted in Young, Restless and Reformed (Collin Hansen), pg. 132