I Am 34 Today, Happy Birthday To Me!

I love my birthday and I had a fantastic 34th one today.

Usually my birthday doesn't go that great.  Part of this is my fault.  I build it up for 364 days until my expectations (mostly unspoken) are never matched, despite the best efforts of people around me.  That ever happen to you?  Here's some free advice ----> unspoken expectations are often unmet, and the only person to blame for this is yourself.  Anyway, I should keep moving.

Today's great day started with a great New Year's Eve.  We spent the evening and watched the ball drop with some good local friends.  Then I took today pretty easy and instead of expecting a whole lot, I simply enjoyed time with my family.  I had a laid back morning with reading and coffee, I went sledding with the kids, we all played some card games, and then we ate pizza and watched a movie.  It was a very calm, very enjoyable day.  Adding to the specialness of the day and making it even more fun were all the phone calls and good wishes on Facebook.

It is pretty amazing to think back over all that I have done, seen, learned, experienced, and walked through in 34 years.  I am grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ for all the ways he has blessed me, and I'm excited to see all He will bring me through in the next 364 days!