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Funeral Reflections

Saturday I went to the funeral.

The funeral was for a 39 year old woman who is the sister of one of Stephanie's best friends from college.  The woman who died was someone I have known for many years also.  She was an amazing woman who will be greatly missed by many people.

I was struck at the funeral by the number of people who spoke about how this woman had loved them unconditionally.  My friend was a woman full of grace, without any hint of judgment.  She accepted people where they were at and she allowed them the space and freedom to come to Christ in whatever way he was calling them.  She had her own faith, but she never forced it upon anyone.  Person after person stood up, took a microphone, and shared with the room about the impact of this woman on their lives.

The morning made me pause and consider so many things.  Funerals and death have a powerful way of making you do that.  Some of the things I considered where…

- what kind of an impact my life is having
- how do I show …