8 Ideas for Getting the Most from Your Time

Who among us doesn't wish they could get more done with the precious little time they have during the day? I know being efficient and organized with my time could help me out a lot. The demands between my walk with God, my leadership in the home, my parentings, my workplace, and my involvement with friends and the community continue to pile up more and more as I get older.

I found some of the ideas in this article very helpful for better using my time.

1. SAY NO.
Try “No” templates — canned responses for all the common situations where you find yourself saying no. I first heard about the idea from entrepreneur and investor Mark Suster, and it’s saved me immeasurable time and anxiety.  
This lets you put the time and attention you want into crafting a response. You just don’t have to do it every time. The most important thing is that you close the door to further communication. Do it nicely in a way that truthfully explains the situation, but don’t leave things open-ended. 
2. BE AN EMAIL NINJA.Rule of thumb: If you can respond to or act on any email in under two minutes, just do it immediately. If it’s going to require more than two minutes, move it into your task manager to process later. When you do this, you have the ability to prioritize tasks and emails in relation to each other, and your inbox no longer owns your time. 
3. MANAGE YOUR ENERGY.Not too long ago, the average human used to walk 12 miles a day. Now we sit. We sit a lot. We sit so much. It’s so bad for us that Harvard Business Review has called it the smoking of our generation. If you work in tech, you average 9.3 hours sitting every day. This is more than you sleep. As people, we’re meant to move. It’s vital to our health, but also our ability to be effective. 
4. BUILD PLAYBOOKS.For anything you do more than three times, write down your process in detail. Build playbooks that you can hand off to someone else, so they can execute something exactly the way you would. Never get held up by people asking what the next step is or whom they should ask about a process.
The startups that I have seen succeed the most at scaling are the ones who have systematized their common actions and core procedures early, and made a habit of it as they grew. 
8. GIVE YOUR TEAM LEVERAGE.If you implement these simple hacks, you can get that 70% of time you aren't maximizing back. You can spend less time in meetings and your inbox. Most importantly, you can get back to leading, inspiring, closing deals and changing the world.

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