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A Busy Weekend for the Balvins

This blog post brings to an end a very busy weekend for the Balvin family.  I couldn't have made it through the weekend without enormous amounts of help from friends and family.  Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped feed my kids, care for my kids, and drive my kids around.

The biggest event of the weekend was the MN Girls BBall All Star series that my wife Stephanie was coordinating.  There was a big opening ceremony on Saturday night and then activities all morning on Saturday culminating in two All Star games being played Saturday afternoon.  It was a huge undertaking and Stephanie did a phenomenal job leading her committee and coordinating the events of the weekend.  She had been planning the event for over a year, and I would say the weekend was a great success!  The feedback I heard from players and parents was overwhelmingly positive.  
I am so impressed with Stephanie and all the work she put in to make this weekend a positive, exciting experience for the top 40 sen…

The Best Thing You Can Do as a Parent

“Lift up your hands to him in prayer, pleading for your children …” Lamentations 2:19b (NLT)
Feels like we're in a pretty tough stage of parenting with the kids right now.  With B/G/B ages 10/9/7 we're go-go all the time, with seemingly constant direction and re-direction.  Plenty of nights Stephanie and I can't wait until it's 8PM…errrr 8:30PM…errr sometime after 9PM when the kids are finally quiet and asleep in their bedrooms.  Those are the moments when we look at each other, shake our heads and thank God for another day in the books.

Not that it is all bad, all the time.  Our days are filled with many sweet moments.  There are many hugs, smiles and reasons to laugh and love.  However, the feelings of exhaustion and exasperation lurk nearby.

Recently Stephanie and I have felt a renewed burden to join together and pray for our kids, and for us as parents.  Get this - not more than one day after we began this commitment to prayer Stephanie came across this article wri…

Parents, (for Your Kid's Sake) Put Down Your Phones! And be a Better Parent.


My Empty Grace Tank

Ever feel like your grace tank is empty?

I spent last weekend with my kids at my parents house in Emily, MN.  Stephanie stayed home and had a quiet house alone where she could focus and knock out some projects that she needed to get done.  It was wonderful to see my parents and get out of town for a few days.

I was optimistic and upbeat last Friday morning about what a fantastic weekend it was going to be.  I had grand plans of being Super-Dad and having a weekend full of memory-making and fun.  And it was pretty fun.  We climbed a 'mountain' in the mines, played lots of Pick-Up Sticks and enjoyed being with my parents.

But I noticed something as the weekend went on.  My grace tank was rapidly decreasing and I found myself becoming more and more irritated and upset at the behavior of my kids.  By the time I got home on Sunday night I was completely empty and had zero patience and very little kindness.  I hated myself for it, but the fact was, I felt like I had nothing left to …

Being Afraid and the Sin of Anxiety

I hate feeling afraid.  I've never liked it.  Never been a big fan of haunted houses, scary movies and people jumping out from bushes to startle me - not that I have know lots of people who do that, but you get the point.

Being afraid of scary movies is one thing, but there is another kind of fear people experience that is a much bigger deal.  The fear I'm talking about is often referred to by its other name - anxiety.

Anxiety is fear that is based on assumptions or concerns about uncertain future realities.  Anxiety is a crippling kind of fear, paralyzing a person and preventing them from feeling peace and calm in their minds and hearts.

The Bible has a lot to say about anxiety.  

Before I say anything else I should confess I am not a doctor, and I am not speaking here about the kind of anxiety that is clinical diagnosed as a mental condition.  What I am more focused on is the kind of anxiety experienced by someone who is considered a 'worry-wart.'

This kind of anx…

Our First Experience with Traveling Sports Try-outs

Exciting time for me as a parent getting an email like this.

Thank you for attending the Northfield Youth Baseball Association’s 4th Grade Player Evaluation last Saturday and Sunday. From the results of the camp, it has been determined that you will be placed on the U10AAA Travel Tournament Team.

The U10AAA Travel Tournament Team Coach will contact you in the near future.


See you at the park! I remember hockey try-outs always being so stressful for me and my parents.  Jacob did really well with it, and we played it pretty low key with our expectations.  We're pumped for him and can't wait to watch him play.