A Busy Weekend for the Balvins

This blog post brings to an end a very busy weekend for the Balvin family.  I couldn't have made it through the weekend without enormous amounts of help from friends and family.  Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped feed my kids, care for my kids, and drive my kids around.

The biggest event of the weekend was the MN Girls BBall All Star series that my wife Stephanie was coordinating.  There was a big opening ceremony on Saturday night and then activities all morning on Saturday culminating in two All Star games being played Saturday afternoon.  It was a huge undertaking and Stephanie did a phenomenal job leading her committee and coordinating the events of the weekend.  She had been planning the event for over a year, and I would say the weekend was a great success!  The feedback I heard from players and parents was overwhelmingly positive.  

I am so impressed with Stephanie and all the work she put in to make this weekend a positive, exciting experience for the top 40 senior female basketball players in Minnesota.  She and her committee were all unpaid and volunteered enormous amounts of time on this.  I am sure Stephanie learned a lot about planning, communicating, leading, vision-casting, networking, and coordinating details.

Other events that occurred this weekend were Jacob playing baseball and Izzy playing volleyball.  Jacob had a game with his Northfield House League team (the Padres) and also a practice with his Northfield 10AAA Traveling team.  

Isabelle played in her very first volleyball tournament.  It was in Cannon Falls and her third grade team won the championship!  Way to go Isabelle!