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God Made Me to be a Coach

Wednesday night Jacob had a baseball game.  Before the game began I was watching the team and it looked like they were a little short-handed on the sidelines so I volunteered to help coach.  I started getting pretty into the game and suddenly I realized that I had sort of taken over coaching the boys.  After the game one of the coaches came up to me and asked if I could coach Saturday's game because he had to miss for some other activity.  I said sure.

Yesterday Jacob played that game and it went fantastic!  I had so much fun running the kids through drills before the game, getting the line-up together and coaching kids from down the third base line.  I think the kids had a pretty fun time too, winning 10-5!  Jacob did awesome; he played catcher and was very solid.  He's learning a lot about the position and showing his leadership skills out on the field.  He was also on fire in the batter's box and hit two big doubles.

In thinking about it now, I don't know why I didn…