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Should I Let Jacob Watch Happy Gilmore?


The Small God of "Fun Church"

This is powerful, convicting, accurate and sad.

"Against the overwhelming weight and seriousness of the Bible, much of the church is choosing, at this very moment, to become more light and shallow and entertainment-oriented, and therefore successful in its irrelevance to massive suffering and evil.  The popular God of "fun-church" is simply too small and too affable to hold a hurricane in his hand."  - John Piper

Just a Few Words From a Friend Made My Day

Got a voice mail this morning from a friend of mine.  He was calling to get some information on a couple of outdoors activities I've done with my kids in the last few months.  Sounds like he wants to introduce some of those same learning opportunities into his own kid's lives.  It was good to hear from him, and getting his voice mail brightened my day.

There was one particular sentence that was especially meaningful.  He said, "You're doing a great job."  This was in regard to me as a father to my kids.  Most of the time guys don't talk like that to one another.  Between grunts, silly arguments, and good-natured ribbing, most "guy talk" isn't all that emotional or truly encouraging.  But these words were different.  In his brief remark I felt affirmed, up-lifted, supported, and celebrated.  It was a verbal pat on the back, from a peer, for a job well done.

This is the kind of guy my friend is.  He's smart, funny, athletic, and successful...…

Baseball is My Current Obsession

I am super excited to coach Andrew's baseball team this summer.  In fact, I am super excited about baseball in general right now.  Jacob has been playing on the Northfield 10UAAA team and he's played in a couple tournaments.  It has been fun watching him learn the game and play some more competitive environments.

I asked Stephanie if I get this jacked up about baseball every summer and she said, "You get this jacked up about all kinds of things (i.e. baseball, exercise, mountain climbing, farming, fishing) for a short time before something else comes along."  She is exactly right.  I do.  I get mini-obsessed with something until the next thing comes along.  Poor girl, I know it drives her nuts.

However, I was thinking about it and I realized that I am happiest when I am obsessed with something.  Diving in to engage and learn something new energizes me.  When I can focus my mind on something it keeps me positive and much more patient.  When I don't have anything …

No More Piano Lessons - Tough Call to Make

Last week I made the decision to have Jacob and Isabelle stop going to piano lessons.  I say "I" because  Stephanie and the kids had made the decision to walk away from piano months ago and I was the one dragging my feet.  It was really hard for me to accept the fact that we were going to stop going to lessons.

It was hard for several reasons, in no particular order….

1.  We have invested time and money in 2 years worth of lessons
2.  Izzy (and Jacob to some extent) have demonstrated an aptitude to do well in piano
3.  We really like their teacher Bree, and we know her family depends on her teaching lessons
4.  To this day I wish I could play piano and I don't want the kids to have the same regrets
5.  I think there is a certain sophistication that comes with being able to play music

In the end, however, the decision came down to these facts…..

1.  Stephanie and I are not very good at helping the kids practice
2.  The kids hated practicing and fought against it all the …

Renovation Church - Preparing for the Unavoidable (1 Peter 1:1-11)

15 Ways Parents Fail in Disciplining Their Children

I found this list on David Murray's blog.  I've really been wrestling with my behavior as a Father.  I love my kids passionately, and I want the very very best for them.  However, in my zeal, my selfishness gets in the way, and I tend towards anger and outburst far too frequently.
This list reminds me of the many ways that I can incorrectly discipline my children.

1. Excessive discipline: Too often or too hard.

2. Disproportionate discipline: Way out of scale to the offense.

3. Inconsistent discipline: Child punished for one offense one day but not on most other days.

4. Prejudiced discipline: Unfairly favoring one child over another.

5. Unexplained discipline: No explanation of why the child’s attitude, words, or actions were wrong, and therefore no understanding

6. Unforgiving discipline: Despite child saying sorry, the father keeps the child under a cloud for days/weeks after the discipline.

7. Imbalanced discipline: Discipline is never balanced with encouragement or prai…