Baseball is My Current Obsession

I am super excited to coach Andrew's baseball team this summer.  In fact, I am super excited about baseball in general right now.  Jacob has been playing on the Northfield 10UAAA team and he's played in a couple tournaments.  It has been fun watching him learn the game and play some more competitive environments.

I asked Stephanie if I get this jacked up about baseball every summer and she said, "You get this jacked up about all kinds of things (i.e. baseball, exercise, mountain climbing, farming, fishing) for a short time before something else comes along."  She is exactly right.  I do.  I get mini-obsessed with something until the next thing comes along.  Poor girl, I know it drives her nuts.

However, I was thinking about it and I realized that I am happiest when I am obsessed with something.  Diving in to engage and learn something new energizes me.  When I can focus my mind on something it keeps me positive and much more patient.  When I don't have anything to obsess on is when I start to get negative and depressed and irritable.  Even though it is tough for the people around me to keep up with "what I'm into" at the moment, in the long run it is a good thing because it makes me a much more exciting, agreeable person to be around.