Just a Few Words From a Friend Made My Day


Got a voice mail this morning from a friend of mine.  He was calling to get some information on a couple of outdoors activities I've done with my kids in the last few months.  Sounds like he wants to introduce some of those same learning opportunities into his own kid's lives.  It was good to hear from him, and getting his voice mail brightened my day.

There was one particular sentence that was especially meaningful.  He said, "You're doing a great job."  This was in regard to me as a father to my kids.  Most of the time guys don't talk like that to one another.  Between grunts, silly arguments, and good-natured ribbing, most "guy talk" isn't all that emotional or truly encouraging.  But these words were different.  In his brief remark I felt affirmed, up-lifted, supported, and celebrated.  It was a verbal pat on the back, from a peer, for a job well done.

This is the kind of guy my friend is.  He's smart, funny, athletic, and successful....but more importantly he loves Jesus and he passes that love on to the people around him in life.  He's a guy I look up to, admire, respect, and try to be like.  And he reminded me again today of the little ways I can encourage and up-lift the people around me in my life.