The Feeling of Being Buried Alive

Buried alive.

It is the nightmare of every mountain climber and high altitude skier. Thousands and thousands of pounds of snow slowing down the mountainside and trapping everyone and everything underneath a dense blanket of snow and rock and ice. The weight crushes the chest and the lungs scream out for oxygen but there is none to be had. There is little chance of survival in such a scenario. People buried alive simply do not usually claw themselves back out and into safety. To have any chance at all a rescue operation needs to happen, and the victims must be dug out by another in order to be saved.

Have you ever felt buried alive? Maybe you’re suffocating because of financial hardship and debt that is sucking the oxygen out of your life. Maybe you screwed up and made a choice with consequences that seem to be crushing you at the core. I know what this feels like. I have feel the crushing weight of consequences, I have felt the oxygen being sucked out of my lungs. My biggest problems came years ago, but to this day, this very day, I still have moments where it all seems way too heavy to bear. I am grateful to my wife, my family and some wonderful friends we all worked in various ways to help dig me out and get me to safety.

The Bible says that because of the sinful attitudes of our hearts, and the sinful ways we rebel against God, that we are condemned to eternal separation from God. In essence, an avalanche of sin, of our own causing, has buried us alive and there is no way any person can dig themselves out. Let like this we will surely die. But there is good news. Jesus Christ, God’s son, came to earth to save us. In the ultimate rescue mission Jesus not only digs us out and pulls us to safety, but he heals us of all our sin and empowers us to live new lives. He doesn’t just rescue, he also redeems and restores and rebuilds. No one but the perfect Son of God has the power to do this.

By Jesus we are no longer buried alive, but instead we are made alive to worship Jesus and live transformed lives.