15 Reasons to be in a Life Group

I found this graphic on this blog.
I can't wait for our life group to start up again on Wednesday.  It has been three months since our last meeting and it is a part of my life that I have missed greatly.  Regularly getting together with my friends in group means a lot to me.  Plus I'm excited about a really neat new family that is joining us this fall.  I am confident God is going to continue doing great things in all our lives as we draw nearer to Him and to one another.  That said, here are 15 reasons I think everyone should be in a life group (small group / Bible study / missional community...whatever you wanna call it).

1. Having people to pray for you
2. Having people to confess your sins to
3. Having people whose needs you can meet, and who can help meet yours
4. Reminds you that your life isn't that weird and abnormal
5. Encouraging to know, whatever you're walking through, you're not alone
6. Best snacks ever (at least they are in my group!!!!)
7. Having a diversity of experience and background adds new perspective
8. Having people to encourage you when you're down
9. It's a safe place to ask questions and have doubts
10. We laugh and laugh and laugh
11. A place to study God's Word and learn with one another about Jesus
12. A place to celebrate the goodness and blessings of Jesus
13. Egg coffee made on the stove (so good!!!!)
14. Having people to sharpen you and help you grow
15. Modeling faith-filled friendships for our children