Helping My Son Transiton Into Manhood

Parenting is a trip isn't it. Especially when dealing with the first born child. You get no guidebook and no practice. Every developmental stage is trial and error, learn as you go. Mostly you throw in a bunch of prayer, trust Jesus and see what happens. Our oldest turned 11 on Sunday and right before our eyes he is turning into a little man. As exciting as the transformation is, it doesn't come without its challenges.

My wife sent me a link to a great article by Amy Roberts about "Boys and Their Attitudes." Here is a quote I found interesting and worth being mindful of.

Boys go through hormonal changes, but they also go through dominion changes.  Honestly, I think all boys have an innate sense that they are supposed to conquer something.  Often, the first manifestation of this need to conquer starts with those closest to him…his own family.  In boyish foolishness, he sets out to be in charge.

Amy goes on to share a few helpful thoughts on how to help boys make the transition into manhood. Give it a read. Lots of good stuff there.