Recognizing the Kind of People Circling Around You

This morning on the way to work I listened to a sermon by Pastor Ed Young (from Fellowship Church in TX) called “Shark Weak.” It was the first sermon in the series and Pastor Ed laid out the idea that all around us in the world are sharks. These sharks are things like addictions, finance problems, sin patterns, bad relationships, health issues.  Sharks are out to kill and take away our life. Everyone faces sharks and so the series is meant to teach people how to deal with them in Biblically faithful ways, relying on Jesus.  You can watch the sermon here.

In the sermon I listened to one thing Pastor Ed said caught my attention.  He talked about 4 different kinds of people we interact with in our lives. I have since added a fifth kind.

1.       People who are “With” us
2.       People who are “For” us
3.       People who “Use” us
4.       People who “Betray” us
5.       People who are “Against” us

As I have been thinking about it this morning I’ve realized there is a lot more to consider with this. It is important to recognize what kind of people we have around us in our lives. It is also to meditate on and strive to implement the behaviors of Jesus as he interacted with each of these groups. The Bible says that Jesus walked among all these people.  He had disciples (with us), followers (for us), the crowds (use us), Judas and Peter (betray us), and the Pharisees and religious elites (against us). And in his dealings with each group Jesus leaves for us an example of how to treat others.