To Act Like Men, Men Act Like Jesus.

Came across this quote yesterday in a post by Ed Stetzer. It comes from this blog post by Pastor Eric Mason. Pastor Mason is a man I've been following and listening to for the last few years. He's a great preacher and pastor at Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia.  I have also read and enjoyed his book Manhood Redeemed.

Perhaps, then, men are so unclear about who they are supposed to be because we in the church have failed to give them a true picture of the ultimate man Jesus Christ. This man alone was unflawed and untouched by the destructive properties of sin. Yet this man was still born with all of the limitations and temptations of humanity (Heb. 4:15). Jesus, and Jesus alone, has exemplified manhood. If we want to be conformed to His image, most especially as men, we need to understand this example more deeply.