Wives, Know Your Place. Thoughts?

I know, I know, the headline is obviously meant to be a bit controversial in order to draw you in to the post. Please forgive me. I saw the same headline in my RSS reader last week and I got suckered into reading the post too. However, I actually found it to be quite interesting. The article was written by a woman and it begins with these words,

"One of the reasons many wives struggle in their marriages is because they refuse to embrace the role God has given them as helper to their husband. The word “helper” ruffles their feather and their pride demands a higher position, a more noble title. But such desires sabotage marriage and prevent us from fulfilling our calling." (Pastor Joe quoting his wife Jen in her article "4 Ways to Live Out Your Role As Helper")

The four ways Jen offers women to live out their role as helper are really good and probably not what you'd expect. Check it out and let me know what you think.