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Creating Space for Others to Develop Their Own Convictions

It is difficult, but important, to resist the urge to expect others to be where you are without allowing them to go through the same process you went through to get there.

Does that make sense?

This is a big growth area for me. I am a teacher, I have Bohemian interests, and when I get passionate about something, though the passion may not last, it comes on/across heavy and strong. What that means is I change interests often, tell others about them with conviction while I have it, and expect everyone else to get on board immediately. Of course this is a recipe for confusion and trouble, especially for the people closet to me.

What I too often forget is I didn't always feel the way I feel now. And therefore it would be wise of me to make space for other people to develop their own passions without trying to force mine upon them.

Would you agree that forcefulness is a terrible persuader of people? 

Forcefulness might bring about compliance but it never brings about buy-in. This is true …

Take Charge!


The Element of Surprise in God's Steering of Our Lives

I spent some time reading old blog posts tonight from 2008 on another platform I used to blog on. I came across this quote which I loved and think should be shared again.

As I review God’s steering of my life, one thing that stands out is the element of surprise at all the crucial points. I was never expecting what came; I was always projecting something else.
-J.I. Packer
I can completely relate to this. I have had many plans for my life but things have always seemed to take a turn I wasn't prepared for. Then, once I have traveled down the new road, as I look back I can see how I am in exactly the place I should be, and I'm thankful that God changed the plans I made into His own plans. 
Reminds me of Proverbs 16:9 (ESV),  "The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps."
I find so much peace in Scripture's reassurance that God is always besides me, bringing me to the place that is best for me, despite my greatest attempts to go somewhere el…

10 Things Great Leaders Remember Each Day

My little brother sent me this list today. Some good reminders that I printed out and posted up by my computer at work.

1) Be a Great Boss / Leader / Friend / Spouse

2) Respect Cannot Be Faked – Be Genuine

3) Believe in Yourself More Than Others Believe in You

4) Have Fun!!!

5) Make Yourself and the People Around You Better

6) Appreciate People and Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt

7) Be Electricians, not Firefighters

8) Be Engaged in Each Moment, Hour, Day

9) Have A GREAT Attitude

10) Feedback is a Gift. Be a Giver and Receiver

Notes, Quotes & Anecdotes from my Sermon on Philippians 3:2-15

Today I gave the sermon at Main Street Moravian Church in Northfield. It was not recorded but here are some notes from my sermon manuscript.

Last week my main point in the message was to reinforce the importance of unity in the church. What I said was that when it comes to maintaining unity, our main challenge is to put the needs of the “WE” before the needs of “ME."

It is only when we look up at the cross and at Jesus who died there, that we find the power to overcome our selfishness and vain conceit.

Many of our problems in life come from focusing our eyes downward on the wrong things.

The heart of the Christian life is the daily choice to lift up and fix our eyes on Jesus. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

And what happens, when the Bible is removed as the principal authority and determining factor of what is true and what isn’t, is that chaos of opinions and feelings reigns. And false teachers thrive in this environment.

After that glorious moment when Jesus saved Paul, everything changed for Paul.…

The Distinctive Qualities of the True Christian

While doing some sermon research for my sermon on Philippians 3:2-15 this weekend I came across these words from Pastor John MacArthur. They are from a sermon Pastor MacArthur preached entitled, "The Distinctive Qualities of the True Christian." (I am responsible for the highlighting.)

And so, again we come back to this very familiar biblical theme. It is all through the New Testament, the theme of true Christianity. Who is the true child of God? In fact, I would venture to say that there are two dominant themes in the New Testament apart from the exaltation of Christ Himself who is the theme of all of the Word of God. The first theme in the New Testament is a presentation and elucidation of the gospel.

But there is a secondary theme that runs right behind that first one and it is the matter of who is a true Christian. Having delineated the gospel in great clarity, it is then of great importance that one ascertain whether or not in fact he or she is a true Christian. That …

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