4 Easy Steps to Improving Your First Impression


We’ve all heard the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

So true.

I listened to a motivational speaker/educator in the trucking industry talking about how to improve relationships between dispatchers and truck drivers. The speaker had some great ideas to share which can be applied to all the relationships in life. He taught about 4 simple things we can do to change the way we presently handle relationships and to improve our first impressions in the future.

1. Be First (initiate the connection, smile, make the first move
2. Use Names (everyone loves hearing their name, makes it personal)
3. Say Thank You (look for a way, everyday, to say thanks)
4. Ask Questions and Show Interest (engage in the conversation intellectually and emotionally)

I thought those were some great tips. Nothing earth shattering but good reminders. The speaker finished with this idea. “When your relationships change it isn’t because others have changed, it is because I have changed.” 

Implementing these 4 behaviors is an easy way to change yourself so you can change the relationships you have with others.