Take Charge!

Take charge.

These are the words that came to mind today as I thought about some of the current growth areas in my life.

First, with my faith. I need to take charge and pursue Jesus and His Word. I can’t be a passive pew sitter, relying on one hour a week to nourish my soul, lift my spirits or inform my brain. I believe deeply that God will reward me for the time I spend in pursuit of him. The primary avenue this pursuit takes place is in the reading of the Bible. There is NO OTHER place to find what is true and to learn how I should think, act, feel and live. I have to take charge of my faith and make sure it is deepening daily.

Second, in my home. As a husband and father I am accountable to Jesus as the leader of my household. This means I have to be servant-hearted, humble, peace-loving, and wise. None of those traits are natural to humans. I have to work on it. I have to pursue it. I have to take charge of how I react to my wife and kids and ensure that I increasingly am acting like Jesus would. Also, I need to take charge as a father in the development of my kids. I have to pour into them, teach and train them, intentionally and wisely discipline and reward them.

Third, with my body. I will not be healthy, strong and fit unless I take charge of my body. I will not be supported in my efforts towards good health by most of the culture. I will be sold food that is junk. I will be encouraged to be lazy and sit on my butt. I will very easily drift into obesity and sloth and mindlessness. But I am not OK with that. I have to take charge of my body and make sure that I am caring for it, exercising it, filling it with what it needs to function best, and developing it. I will not drift into this. And neither will my kids. So I must also take charge in leading by example and helping my kids learn to care for their own bodies.