6 Simple Words That Will Instantly Transform Your Marriage….Guaranteed

Want a simple tip that will instantly improve your marriage?

6 words. That's all.

It really is that simple. 6 words to a happier marriage.

Are you ready? Get some paper and a pen. (You're going to want to write this down.)

Ok, here it comes.

Think the best of your spouse.

I made the words big so they stand out. I don't want you to miss them.

Think the best of your spouse.

It really is that simple to instantly transform your marriage.

How can it be? Let me explain.

When you think the best of your spouse you change the atmosphere of the relationship. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings. Positive thoughts lead to more gracious, patient, honoring, respectful, kind and tender words. And those things take the relationship to a whole notha level.

Here's the deal. I'll bet you could tell me 10 things that bug you about your spouse pretty quick. "He's annoying." "She nags me." "He never gets anything accomplished. He's lazy." "She just wastes all our money." Please someone turn off the negativity faucet. I can't handle anymore. It is just too easy to think about our spouse in a negative light. We see in all our spouse's faults in HD clarity. And when we focus and dwell on the negatives, we develop a negative feeling towards our spouse, which leads to conflict, unhappiness and a lack of love.

The good thing is this cycle can be stopped.

Think the best of your spouse.

Instead of being negative learn to give the benefit of the doubt. Learn to distrust your angry heart and instead replace it with grace. Look for the best in your spouse. Praise the little things. Believe, REALLY BELIEVE, that even when they error your spouse is not looking to make your life miserable. Forgive the mess-ups. Did I mention, look for the good and call it out? Be thankful and joyful and jovial and full of love.  It will transform your marriage…in…..a…..second.