My First Deer! (Well….Kinda)

I have never been deer hunting but for the last couple years I've been interested in it. I know a lot of guys who are hunters and I've been asking questions and hoping for a chance to someday get out in the woods. On Sunday I got my first opportunity.

The call came from a friend at 9PM on Sunday night. "Hey, I shot a deer today. Are you up for a little adventure? Do you want to come out in the woods with me and help me track it and bring it home?"

Um….let me think….ah…..heck yes!

I threw on some old clothes and drove over to his house. He fitted me up with an orange vest, some rubber gloves and a head lamp. It was awesome. Before we left he taught me about the difference between slugs and bullets, hollow tips and full metal jackets, smooth and rifled barrels, lands and groves, and how muzzle-loading is done. More awesomeness.

Then we drove out to the woods. I thought it would be a little more freaky out there in the dark then it was. Maybe I was scared because I was so focused on our mission. My friend let me walk in front of him following the blood trail. It was super cool! I loved going slow and looking for the spots of blood indicating what was going on with the deer.

We found the deer pretty quickly and then I watched my friend gut it. I had always wondered about that process. He did a great job and I didn't smell anything. It was fascinating to watch him make the cuts and then see the guts all fall right out of the deer. After he was done we threw the deer on his game cart and I helped pull it out of the woods back to the truck.

When we got home he hosed the deer off and then we hung it in his garage. It was a fantastic adventure that I won't forget. I just wish I could be there tomorrow to see the look on his two year old daughter's face when she see's it hanging in there!