Life Group: A Place to Celebrate and Be Celebrated

Last night at my life group we celebrated one of the member’s birthday. Her husband brought a cake, I brought ice cream, and the host family had hot coffee ready to go. Once all the kids gathered in the kitchen we sang “Happy Birthday” and, blushing, she blew out the lone candle on her cake. It was a really neat moment to come together and surprise her with a birthday celebration.  

What happened after the cake and coffee was really cool. It just sort of naturally happened that the kids went downstairs, the wives went to the living room couches, and the men stood around in the kitchen. It was neat to look around and see how God was leading all of these groups of people into relationship with one another. I have no idea what the girls talked about (besides obviously talking about their husbands), but do I know that as men we stood there drinking coffee, laughing, and mixing the conversation up with stories about our lives, our beards, and all what God has been leading and teaching us. Finally all the men wandered over to the living room where we spent the next 45 minutes sharing prayer requests, observations from Scripture and lots of laughs.

I’m so grateful for this group of men and women am I walking with. Every time we’re together they encourage and inspire me to keep my eyes on Jesus.