Get Better Through Healthy Fear, the Right Focus and Healthy Recovery

I listened to a fantastic conversation yesterday on the Fat Burning Man podcast (link) while I was driving in to work. 

The man being interviewed was Dr. Jeff Spencer (check out his website). Dr. Spencer is an Olympian who earned degrees in health and wellness, and has worked with successful athletes, business people and leaders since retiring from his professional athletic career, His passion is helping people achieve peak performance and reach the highest levels they can in whatever goals they are pursing. He has developed what he calls The Champions Blueprint (link), which breaks down the things champions do and helps people understand what they can do to become champions.

"As a former Olympian, team member of eight Tours de France, renowned chiropractor, international lecturer, and “life coach to the stars,” Dr. Spencer knows what it takes to overcome obstacles, create and execute plans, and achieve greatness." (see more at Abel James, Fat Burning Man)

The entire podcast was phenomenal and I will be referring back to it often. Here are some of the bullet points I took away while listening.

- Make plans to have the healthiest habits you can, and then submit your life to those plans rather than fighting against them.

- Champions make decisions based on what they stand to gain, not what they are afraid to lose.

- Keep consistent routines. Be friends with your body and it will execute at the highest level; constantly changing things scares your body and prevents it from optimal functioning.

- Fear is your friend, you must push yourself to a level that is just beyond your comforts.

- Everyone needs a corner man, someone who has been there before you and can lead you in where you want to go.

- What makes the difference is the details that need to go right and focusing on them, not the details that could possibly go wrong.

- Champions focus on what they need to execute, not what they need to worry about.

- Don't micro manage the details that don't matter.

- Will and talent are not enough, you must develop the skills you need to get where you want to go,

- We trust our ability to fail more than we trust our ability to win. This limits our thinking and prevents us from achieving greater things.

- Training is the tear down phase. Recovery is where you make improvements and gains. Most people don't spend enough time doing recovery.

- Your mind can't believe that less is more, but it is true when it comes to making healthy gains and healing your body.

Check out the podcast show notes (click here) for even more great quotes and ideas from the interview.