I am a Carrier of the Name

I love this thing my wife Stephanie says. She will often tell our kids they don't just represent themselves at school or at sports or when they are with friends. Before they leave the house she will tell them, "Remember, you are representing the entire Balvin family today!"

It is a great reminder to our kids that they are part of something greater themselves, and that they have a responsibility to us as parents and to their siblings to live in a way that brings honor to all who carry the name Balvin.

You hear this same concept in sports. You might have even heard some variation of the phrase "It is the name on the front of the jersey not on the back that matters." While I was playing hockey at Bethel University we never had names on the backs of our jerseys for this very reason. We skated for Bethel, and as players we represented the entire University when we traveled and played. Many other sports teams from high school ranks all the way through the professional levels utilize this mindset.

I had a little talk with my kids yesterday while we were driving and I explained to them my desire to live in a way that brings Jesus honor and shows him thankfulness for dying on a cross for my sins. I told my kids that, although I fail, my goal is always to please Jesus with what I do, say, listen to, watch and how I act. As a Christian I have the responsibility to make the name of Jesus look good. I believe this because,

As a believer in Jesus I am adopted into His family and I become a carrier of His name!

There is this story in the Bible where Jesus tells someone, "You have to deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow me." Essentially what Jesus is saying, is that to be a Christian, you must stop living for the name on the back of your jersey and start living for His name . When the Spirit of God lives in you, you voluntarily and joyfully set aside the pursuit of your own fame, and you live for the fame of Jesus name. As a child of God you get a new name and you become a carrier of that name!

Let me encourage myself, and also encourage you. Today, tomorrow and everyday after, remind yourself that you are a carrier of Jesus name. "Remember that you are representing the entire family of God today!" And then, for the sake of all your brothers and sisters in the faith, do your very best to live in a way that brings honor to Jesus name.