Northfield as Base Camp

Yesterday Stephanie and I went to a going away party for some good friends of ours. They are moving to Montana. It is a beautiful place they are going to go, and they are moving to begin a new adventure where the husband has taken a leadership role at a private college in Helena. How exciting is that! The party was a wonderful time celebrating them among family and friends. It was really nice how the man hosting the party (the boss of the wife) gave some beautiful gifts and shared some touching words.

What really struck me during the celebration was how many people mentioned the unique way the people of Northfield love and care for one another. It really is true. Of course I was too young to notice while growing up if things were like this in the town where I was raised but I have a strong suspicion there were not. Northfield is like no place I've ever been. It is a town of 20,000 that seems so connected and tight knit. A place where the people know one another and enjoy being with one another.

Seeing our friends leave is sad because the mean so much to so many people. We have crossed paths on backyard decks, at the swimming pool, in the gymnasium, at the theater, in the classroom, on the neighborhood sidewalk, and at the football field. Now those connections will be much much less, but we are excited to hear about all their new adventures they will have (any maybe some we can go out and have with them!). I love how the husband described the connection between Northfield and now Montana. He said, "Northfield will always be our base camp, the safe place we come back to for rest and encouragement. And it is from here that we will launch out into new adventures!" Isn't that great!