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Wow, What a Weekend it Was!

Last weekend was incredible. It was action packed, fun-in-the-sun, exhausting, and forever memorable.

It started Friday night with Jacob's baseball team (which I coach). Our team was playing in the Inaugural Northfield Baseball Classic, a local double elimination tournament. In our first game things went back and forth until the final inning when we were forced to do something completely unorthodox. After scoring a couple runs to tie the game and then take the lead in the top of the fifth inning we realized that we were up against a time limit. So, I had two batters in a row intentionally strike-out. It was crazy. We rushed onto the field and our pitcher struck out the batter for our third out just as the time limit expired. Our kids were so excited!

Our next game was against one of the strongest teams in the league. It was a close game with some closely contested calls. Our team tied the game in the bottom of the last inning, and won with a bases loaded walk. All the kids ran ou…

My Fantastic Day

I have had a fantastic day today. 
It is Friday July 3rd and since our office was only going to be open until noon I decided to take the day off. I am so glad I did.
First of all the weather has been awesome. 80 degrees and clear skies. But I shouldn't start with the weather. I should start with the start. I woke up Jacob at 7 and he and I went to the Tavern in Northfield for a special one-on-one breakfast. The house was still quiet when I got back so I was able to enjoy more coffee and some time with Andrew laying on my lap (watching Curious George) and my reading a book called The Harbinger. It's a great book.
I decided instead of reading the morning away I would do a little work outside so I went out and spent an hour cutting branches in my backyard. Then I changed clothed, hopped on my bike and did a 22 miles triathlon training ride. My TRI is July 26th and I can't wait.
After the bike ride I had a big bowl of salad for lunch. Next Jacob, Izzy and I went to Menards for…