My Fantastic Day

I have had a fantastic day today. 

It is Friday July 3rd and since our office was only going to be open until noon I decided to take the day off. I am so glad I did.

First of all the weather has been awesome. 80 degrees and clear skies. But I shouldn't start with the weather. I should start with the start. I woke up Jacob at 7 and he and I went to the Tavern in Northfield for a special one-on-one breakfast. The house was still quiet when I got back so I was able to enjoy more coffee and some time with Andrew laying on my lap (watching Curious George) and my reading a book called The Harbinger. It's a great book.

I decided instead of reading the morning away I would do a little work outside so I went out and spent an hour cutting branches in my backyard. Then I changed clothed, hopped on my bike and did a 22 miles triathlon training ride. My TRI is July 26th and I can't wait.

After the bike ride I had a big bowl of salad for lunch. Next Jacob, Izzy and I went to Menards for fireworks, bird seed and a few others things. Then Stephanie, Jacob and I picked up our van from the repair place in Farmington and Jacob and I grabbed ice cream cones from McDonald's before finding some great clearance deal on men's sandals at Target.

When I got back home from shopping I spent an hour weeding and working in my garden. I picked some radishes and have a great crop of tomatoes and squash coming soon. Then I borrowed my neighbor's truck and hauled away all the wood I cut down earlier this morning. 

For dinner I made homemade veggie tortilla pizzas and I watched Undercover Boss with Jacob. Now I'm headed outside to have a driveway fire and watch the kids light sparklers. 

Like I said, it has been a fantastic day.