Lake Marion Triathlon

I completed my second triathlon of the summer last Sunday in Lakeville, MN. My friend Dave and I raced in the Lake Marion Triathlon. We did the sprint course which consisted of a 1/4 mile swim, 17.5 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. This tri wasn't as big as the one I did in Chisago Lakes but it was still tons of fun. I think I'm starting to get addicted to these things!

Dave and I. He's my tri mentor who's competed in over 30 of these things!

My goal time was an aggressive 1:25 and I finished in 1:28. I am happy with that. There was an extremely strong wind for the first 10 miles of the bike ride which slowed me down. Also, there was a long uphill for the first mile and half of the run. It was tough, but overall I enjoyed the course. I was impressed with the number and quality of the volunteers helping out at the event. They did a great job!

My pre-race battle plan. And map for Stephanie and kids to try and follow me.

Stephanie and the kids came to cheer me on. It always gives me a jolt of energy to see them and hear them yelling for me.

My #1 fans!

When the race was done I couldn't stick around too long because I had to get back to Northfield to preach at Main Street Moravian Church.

Overall I finished 14th our of 183, and 3/13 in my age division (35-39). The top two finishers in my division were also the top two finishers in the whole race, so coming in third was pretty cool.

Here's a few more action shots.

Making the turn back towards the transition area. I was the 6th bike back after a 17.5 mile ride..
Out of transition and into the run. Couldn't get my arm strap to work so I dumped it off with the kids.
Running hard to the finish. The announcer commented on my 'muscular legs' and then chided me for not having my race number on.